Basil Faye

Pour basil es no Ngoundiane:

Jokenjal no ndalan ne no pind nuun fo a muñ ole kom ke mbafna. Jokenjal no faax nuun ole fo teranga nuun. Iya kara ee i sednoorkee’nuun no onga’ir fo jam a paam. I mbugaa itam and ee i moskee mbeecit saate in eetan.

Yasaam roog a fi’jam pour in fop


For my family in Ngoundiane:

Thank you for opening your homes to us and for your patience all these weeks. We appreciate your kindness and hospitality. We hope to make you proud and look forward to visiting again soon. We also want you to know we will never forget our first village.

God give us all peace (because if you have peace, you have everything)