/ba doo doo/

village in southern Fatick region;
name derived from “bedoox dudoox “(“beh-dōhh-doo-dōhh”);
translation: to make oneself be completely hidden

The story goes that sometime during the slave trade when the white man was enslaving locals and shipping them off the Isle de Goree, a Sereer went looking for a place to hide. Alone, he embarked on a voyage south where he eventually discovered forests of fruit trees and mangroves and a beautiful body of water between them. There he marked a tree with his blade so that the people he told would know what to look for when the time came for them to seek out a place to hide too. Today, the land has been cleared to make room for more people, but there is still enough to feed them the same fruit and fish and crustaceans of the original settlers. As for the tree, it still stands today, though is a smaller and withered version of what it once was.