13 Lessons from 2013

1. Never trust a fart – Hold tight. Don’t ever let go.

2. When a woman flashes her vagina at you in a dance circle, you can’t ever unsee that.

3. English speakers are abusing their ability to use “awesome,” “amazing” and “crazy” as descriptive words.

4. Reading six consecutive Vonnegut books in less than a month is the PG version of an acid trip.

5. Sending and receiving letters via post makes me feel more connected to people than social networking ever will.

6. But thank GOD for FaceTime! I get to watch you AND look at myself at the same time!

7. Peace Corps now has an interactive tool to find out information about Volunteer openings by country, work area, and departure month to help those of you wanting to apply, to plan ahead (unlike the rest of us pre-2013 who didn’t have such precious information and were at the mercy of luck, chance, and nagging your recruiter)…

8. …which basically tells me there’s no justice in the world (if you’re reading this PC Admin, only kidding!…).

9. The whole village raises the child.

10. I am that child.

11. They’re poor, they’re not stupid.

12. A month in the Peace Corps is equivalent to a year in my twenties; the more I’ve accumulated to reflect on, the more I realize I hadn’t the slightest idea what I was talking about or doing…

13. And who I am today is a direct result of continually pretending I do, which is both horrifying and amusing.