Book Production

For nearly a decade, Reddit’s community (Redditors) have held online interviews through the Ask Me Anything subreddit (r/AMA) with some of the world’s most notable individuals to learn directly from the source – what it feels like to be them. These individuals represent every field and form of politics, science, culture, entertainment, crime, fashion, and a large volume of fascinating yet anonymous everyday folks. They can be touching, or funny, or inane, (often all three) and now Reddit has compiled what it believes to be its best AMA’s into one shiny coffee table book.

“Ask Me Anything” is 400 pages of AMAs from celebrities like Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Chris Rock, Ann Coulter, and Martha Stewart, to low-key heroes like the Waffle House Grill Masters.

In 2015, Reddit compiled some of their favorite AMAs from r/IAmA into a beautiful, limited-edition book.


Role: Book Production

  • Organized and coordinated outreach to each individual represented in the book, ensuring they give their permission to be featured

  • Page proofs of the final manuscript