End of Year Letter


It’s an exciting time for EverwiseWomen! This program was created as a way to help women across the country reach their full leadership potential.  A year later, we thought it was important to share how you have helped us break historical ground:

Within the past year, we’ve gone from one program of 45 participants
to 10 programs with nearly 300 participants in
San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago and New York City!

Here at Everwise, we refer to this year’s participants as the EverwiseWomen Pioneers.
We are incredibly proud and inspired by the precedent you have created for your peers and for those who follow the legacy you’ve created:

A collective movement of EverwiseWomen
pushing their careers open and forward.

This year was a tremendous moment for women in leadership. Regardless of your political beliefs, it is clear there is much work to be done in our companies and in the world. While we are faced with a very hard glass ceiling, we see there are more opportunities than ever for women. We strongly believe in the leadership of women. As this movement grows, EverwiseWomen remains committed to helping women across the country reach their full leadership potential.

Looking to 2017, we are incredibly excited about the opportunity for EverwiseWomen to better support, connect, and build this network of women. In the coming year, you can expect us to be focusing on:

  • Expansion of new cohorts: in our current cities, and into new cities like Boston and Dallas

  • Fostering more connections: across all cohorts, across the country

  • Alumnae opportunities: enabling you to continue investing in your professional development

All of us at EverwiseWomen would like to thank you for your support and dedication to the program. We have accomplished so much together and we look forward to seeing how much more we can do in 2017.

Until then, a very Happy Holidays and a Hope-filled New Year!