Book Production

In 2015, Reddit compiled some of their favorite AMAs from r/IAmA into a beautiful, limited-edition book.

End of Year Letter

It’s an exciting time for EverwiseWomen! This program was created as a way to help women across the country reach their full leadership potential.  A year later, we thought it was important to share how you have helped us break historical ground: Within the past year, we’ve gone from one program of 45 participants to 10 programs…

Program Design and Delivery

EverwiseWomen is a comprehensive 12-month leadership program created to help women wanting to rise to the top, build their influence, deepen their professional networking, and improve their softs skills

Peer Group Design

For those who crave the ability to observe a constructive dialogue about differences, we are piloting facilitated peer group discussions around difficult topics

Marketing Events

A wide range of high profile actors sat down for Reddit to share with audiences their Super Bowl 2016 predictions at New Era’s private event