c’est moi


Hello! My name is Josie Luu.

I find meaning in improving the lives and experiences of others, particularly at the intersection of technology, creativity, and community. My diverse background has given me the knowledge and tools to understand what makes people feel empowered, think of creative ways to help them, and collaborate with others in bringing those ideas to life.

I can help you with:

Marketing | drive projects through the creative process by working with writers, designers, product and brand marketing managers to build partner marketing initiatives and campaigns

Community Engagementdrafting and conducting surveys, facilitating focus groups and trainings, cultivating online and in-person customer experiences that catalyze a vocal community of humans with high expectations, deep passions, and disparate needs

Program Design + Management | designing interactive learning experiences, developing learning objectives, and determining ideal assessment strategies

Project Management | drive completion of deliverables through operational elements – creating a SOW, developing a timeline of milestones, tracking resources, running sprints, etc

luu.josie@gmail.com | LinkedIn